Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Opening one's mind...

"Fear can be manufactured simply by inventing a story about the future that is not real.....and then acting like it is real. Interesting that out of the millions of stories we could invent, we would invent a scary one. If we are going to invent stories anyhow, we might as well invent one that feels good.....takes just as much effort, it's more likely to be true and even if it isn't, you'll feel better." J. Hough

"Waiting for a sign from the Universe is like waiting for the cookies to bake, when you're the one with your hand on the temperature guage. Any 'signs' you see are simply a reflection of your actions and vibration.....the Universe does not have any control of your life......it simply reflects back to you your degree of 'yes-ness'. " J. Hough

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Shazza said...

me likey a lot, particularly the first one about fear.
now i have to ponder on the second one, i like THE ALCHEMIST'S idea of universe conspiring to bring forth whatever it is u wish for, and i have taken every thing that happens to me good or bad as maybe a hard kick that i need to act or go after something else.