Sunday, September 20, 2009

A new week...........

Cold mornings, Hot days, Cool evenings.

Happy Fall!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall Renewal!

I'm eating really well during these two weeks & taking time off exercise. Refocusing my goals and taking care of myself.

I'm doing well most times. I'm looking forward to being closer to High Park beginning in November.

I've been hanging out with my friend Emma & we connect so well it's so exciting to spend time with her. I also like hearing about her relationships and insights in to spiritualism etc. This is the closest friend I've had since moving to TO & I can tell her anything and everything. I feel like I get to have a sister.

Next weekend I hope to go the water communion...

I want to take some dancing classes - I miss moving in that way on a regular basis. Free classes would be a good start :) Maybe I can create a solo class in my room!

In other heart is temporarily singing the bruised blues.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holding my breath!!!

so I applied to live in this house. I really hope I get it...I will find out this afternoon...

Monday, August 10, 2009

My heart

Today one of my friends wrote to me to tell me that I'm beautiful & that I have a great spirit and smile.

I am sort of swooning on cloud number nine because I feel very psychically connected to this friend even though we only talk or see one another once every four months. I can't explain the psychic connection, but I've felt it ever since we met, and I feel so blessed just to know someone like this exists. Like a parent, sibling or a guardian angel.

Like on Saturday when I was having a super low low moment and I opened my email and there was an email from my friend - after 4 months of no communication. The timing was amazing because all of a sudden, I felt alright and I knew the universe was telling me to hold on because there is so much beauty in the world and that everything's gonna be ok.

Thank you, A.D. for matching & mirroring me.

For S.D.M in BK: J'attends le Thai _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Torontonians Rule!

It's been almost a year of me in Canada!


I have made a lot of progress. However, one could also say I have made no progress.


Good times.

Mostly chilling at the library these days.

High Park is AMAZING! It's the largest park in TO and I spent six hours in the park yesterday. I was practicing Thai massage on one of my friends. It was an amazing time. She's really awesome and it's great to really click with someone on so many levels. I'm blessed to have a friend like this.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Malcom Gladwell... rocks!

I just finished reading Outliers and I am blown away. It is sooo wonderful to read something written by Malcolm who things outside the box and is an amazing researcher & writer.

I find it so refreshing to read or hear ideas that question some of the things that most people regard as fact.

I think Malcolm Shumba is a beautiful name for a boy child.

Outlier made me think about things I haven't thought about in a while. I could talk for days about those things... Outlier sparked thoughts to do with nationality, US immigration laws etc. One of the things that has been most difficult for me living in North America is not having my family around. In 2003 I went through a really difficult transitional period and I just needed my mom & dad to be there. I used to wish they could have come to my graduation and held my hand and told me to come home for a year while I figure out my life, or loan me money while I was jobless. However, I had no choice but to push through and do what had to be done. Which we all do. But I felt like that struggle was unnecessary, you know - community & love seemed somehow lacking in the way that my parents could provide.

Gladwell's book talks about how success is a combination of hard work, persistence, but also strongly related to our origins, accumulative advantages, how we are parented, our year of birth etc.

Returning to my reflection of my own journey...

I'm at a stage where I know exactly what I want. Family & business wise. I know the kind of work that will make my heart full. I'm having one of those years where I feel like all I need is my mother. Or a baby.

Malcolm Shumba

Anyway. You should read all Gladwell's books.

Opening one's mind...

"Fear can be manufactured simply by inventing a story about the future that is not real.....and then acting like it is real. Interesting that out of the millions of stories we could invent, we would invent a scary one. If we are going to invent stories anyhow, we might as well invent one that feels good.....takes just as much effort, it's more likely to be true and even if it isn't, you'll feel better." J. Hough

"Waiting for a sign from the Universe is like waiting for the cookies to bake, when you're the one with your hand on the temperature guage. Any 'signs' you see are simply a reflection of your actions and vibration.....the Universe does not have any control of your simply reflects back to you your degree of 'yes-ness'. " J. Hough